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I just do NOT get it.

I've read or heard from so many people that are afraid to admit they enjoy My Little Pony, in any form. I just read in a forum for issue 3, "Man I wish I had the guts to buy one of these comics in person."

WHAT is stopping you? Because somebody might point and laugh? Laugh back! Everybody is entitled to like whatever they wish. Some like football, some like movie collecting, some like gardening... whatever.

For years, I worked at a bookstore. We sold Adult magazines, like every other store. People would come up, buy it, move on. 5 seconds later none of us could identify that person if we had too... it didn't matter, it meant nothing. However, the people who came up to the counter with said magazine hidden under items they really didn't want so people wouldn't see what they were buying, or whispering about it... These were the people that stood out as strange... the ones that MADE a big deal of it themselves.

I'm NOT comparing MLP to these magazines, by the way. I'm showing that these people were confident enough to buy an offered product unashamedly and with no recourse.

When YOU make a big deal of something, it becomes a big deal. Why make yourself nervous, or ashamed about ANYTHING that is safe clean and meant to be happy and fun? The whole message of MLP is tolerance and friendship and happiness. If other people think it's silly... SO WHAT? I personally think football is one the most asinine and idiotic things on the earth... but I do not begrudge people that enjoy it, more power to them. Other adults are buying/watching. So what makes them BETTER than you that you cannot do the same?

I'm a Comics fan. Also a Trekkie (if WE can get over our stigma, so can the Bronies!), a Fringe fanatic, artist, toy buyer... And a Brony. And I'll gladly tell that to anyone. LIKE WHAT YOU LIKE, and be happy about it... you'll enjoy it a lot more.
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mekoxtwisparkle Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My goodness Andy Price. I love you, man. This journal entry of yours is exactly what I needed right now. I've started to wear pony shirts and the like and get merchandise. Just kinda weird, to have a buff college guy wearing pony shirts, but you know I love these ponies.
ExMedal Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Student

thank you
LM888 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
Hey man, thanks for that. A lot of my friends seem to have it out for people being Bronies. I'm not ashamed of being one, I buy the comic regularly and they all know I like the show. They just don't seem to realise I consider myself a brony because of it. And they always make a case about how the fandom is stupid or vile or something and I don't like it and I feel a bit sick. I know none of them are specifically pointing the finger at me, but it does hurt a bit. I don't tell them that though because, well, sometime I wonder if they'd really care.

But hearing from you "It's only a big deal if you make it" is good. It's totally right, it's only a huge deal if I make it one and while I can't say I was ever ashamed, I was at times making a big deal out of people dissing on bronies and the like at times. So, I'm working on correcting that. It was just good to hear a bit of affirmation from the artist of the comic to keep doing just that. I won't let my love for a show ruin me, cause that's not what the show is about. I'll love what I love, continue buying the comic and watching the show and I won't care who knows it. I won't make it a big deal everytime someone comes out gets grumpy about it. I shouldn't feel bad for liking something, ever. Thanks again man. Can't wait for issue 4!
Charlesdeleroy Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
I'm a furry.

And I talk about it openly! And then I use the fear and discomfort it induces in my targets to manipulate their minds into doing my will!

Never have shame when you can have megalomania instead! >:}

(Charles has many sinister plans...)
Jeriih Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
I don't see whats wrong with it. I've been going to the comic store to buy the comics like I go to any store to buy stuff I like or need, there is nothing to be ashamed of. People will just.. find ways to criticize others for the things they do because they thing it's silly or weird in any way.

I will keep buying those comics because I enjoy them, I won't allow anybody to depress and let me down. :-)
dsagent Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013
I think it is the younger people who are a bit shy. Most 20+ bronies openly display their merchandise and buy things in public.
dempsey23 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013
What have you done? Now I'm gonna march into my nearest comic store and start a pull for MLP! The shame oh the shame! :-)
julianwilbury Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Student General Artist
If it makes you feel better, today I headed to the one comic book in my tiny college town and they said they were completely sold out of all MLP comics. (I also hoped maybe a #2 was lurking around because I didn't get to get it yet.) So there's apparently a lot of people here in Missouri who aren't afraid to go to the shop and pick up the comics. 8D
kittyhawk-contrail Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I actually saw an article that played the last part of your post up. It called bronies part of the new sincerity movement. Where people enjoy things for what they are. I very much like the fact that there is enough of a push back against "irony" that it's a classified movement. Apparently the wiki page is one of the less controlled ones, or bronies are actually a solid core to the modern version of "neo-sincerity".
Stormcallerr Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm proud to watch the show and buy the comics. In fact, I convinced my comic store to stock a couple extra issues, telling him they'd sell. And sure enough they did.

Never going to be ashamed of what shows I watch or what I like doing. I'll wear my Pinkie Pie t shirt to work if they didn't have a dress code, tho I added a pony sticker to my name badge.

Now... if only I could afford to get my car painted pink with three balloons beside the back tires...
YOKUNAI Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
silly coment " way to aboid others suspects on you, 1.- grab the "pony-comic" with pinkie Pie on the cover 2.- grab any issue of deadpool, that way they may think.. -oh why that manly man is buyign this girly comic blah blah blah- then they´ll see deadpool.. - ohh thats why... very understandable and normal".. XD.. "
KnucklesIsBoss Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
It's difficult to bust through these expectations society has for us, especially if you were brought up in a certain way, or people have made fun of you in the past for your other hobbies. I haven't had the worst of it, but I understand why people would have these feelings of embarrassment.

Even though I'm a huge pony fan and i'm comfortable with it personally, I still got embarrassed a couple of days ago when I went to Forbidden Planet and the new comic was out - I wanted to flick through it, but there was a crowd and I didn't want to get funny looks.

It's a struggle every time, but I did flick through in the end (great intro by the way). You take your personal battles one step at a time.
TurboJUK Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Professional Filmographer
I was hoping that I'd find the latest issue in a comic store during my trip to London. Sure enough, there it was on the shelf right near the door and counter. Picked it up, then headed further in to get some variant cover versions.
Sure, the official magazine that's aimed at the target audience may not be what I want people to know I collect, but in regards to the comic I have no problem with buying it. The guys at the counter are fully prepared for it. Hell, Forbidden Planet even stocks blind bags and brushables. They know bronies are a big thing, they stock the comic, we're just one of the many fandoms they cater for.
Choedan-Kal Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
Being in what I believe is the older tail-end of the Brony age bell curve, I’ve long since passed that point where I would ever be embarrassed by a comic purchase. I even have a Rainbow Dash blind-bag figure perched on top of my monitor at work. But again, that is the luxury that comes with being able to signal superficial success as an adult, so I’m not unsympathetic to those who might face this dilemma as teens. I must admit feeling a little sheepish back when I first started buying Sonic the Hedgehog comics and picked up the 3-part Princess Sally mini-series. Sally was a kick-ass character, but the “princess” and flowing cursive script in the title didn’t exactly help.
ShadowDancerBrony Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
Went to pick it up yesterday. The comic store owner say me pull up and had it on the counter ready for me.
Ced75 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll quote a post from Ponychan:

"Boys are trained to fear retribution for expressing anything feminine about themselves. Hence the fear and denial and so forth for many when they realize they like a 'girl cartoon'. Social norms suck. Don't blame the victim."
Kanduli Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
These comics sold out like pancakes at my place.

Damn. it.
kittyhawk-contrail Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It must be so sad to be so afraid of what others think that you can't enjoy yourself. Also, if you're that afraid, use iTunes or Amazon or something. I guess that might be harder if you don't have a CC, but walmart sell prepaid VISA cards that work just like CCs. Grab one, order pony comics, use your name as address, and receive brown, discrete amazon box.
CKlein07 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
It's even more ridiculous with the toys, as people would likely assume you're buying them for a little girl. Once you start nervously explaining that it's for your kid sister or something, that's when people realize you're buying it for yourself
MrSchinken Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well thank you for finding the time to give us your statement. I hope you encouraged more people who want to buy it. You can do it guys!
Whatpayne Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Saw the comment you're referring to on the "forum", and the following reply which led me here. I have to say that I agree 120% with your sentiment. Getting over the "stigma" of buying pony (toys even) at my local store back in 2011 was one of the most liberating experience I remember from my recent history. So what if people look at you funny? Be yourself!

Also a (more personal message) huge thanks from here Finland. :wave: Getting the comics shipped from overseas are driving me and my nonexistent student budget into bankrupsy, but its totally worth the cost. Artwork being my absolute personal favorite.
andypriceart Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you very much! Too bad you can't eat em when you're done... I remember a student budget. It's not a lot different from an illustrator's budget!
VoodooGecko Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
"Stop liking things what I don't like!"

Yeah it's annoying.
HeartlessSlayer Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
I think part of it is that some might be afraid of dealing with those who'll NEVER get it, or understand, or even WANT to understand. You know the type that even when you stand up for yourself and say out loud how PROUD they are to be a brony, they'll just criticize and ridicule the person anyway. Hell, I saw the Brony documentary and I was SHOCKED that a guy tried to kill a brony by shooting him, all because he thought the brony was gay. And this was in the deep south, some stereotypes just never seem to go away -_-. I mean...does all that make any sense to you?
andypriceart Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Sadly, there are good and bad to any bit of fandom. The guys who paint themselves and run around screaming half naked at football games, can't understand the irony of pointing at a fantasy gamer in a cape and staff and laughing (and vice versa). No, some stereotypes never go away... never will. For me, it really doesn't matter if the others understand. I am what I am and I'm not ashamed of it, and if others don't like me because of my interests, I don't need to associate with them. In fact, it's better that I don't.

As somebody else here said... "If it's common sense, why doesn't everyone have it?"

Also, your tagline nails it.
HeartlessSlayer Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
I think its because for so long we've enveloped the sports culture as an all round acceptable notion to get excited about even for the hard core fans, like you mentioned to go all out in excitement and celebration. Where as for stuff like fantasy gamers and bronies, its still considered a foreign and alien topic that many people, based on their culture and point of view, makes them quick to judge.

It also reminds me of how as it was brilliantly brought up in one of my personal favourite Fairly Odd Parents episodes of all time, "The Boy Who Would be Queen", where if you've seen it, it shows that Timmy actually likes girl stuff like Soap Operas, and Trixie (his crush and focus of the episode) secretly likes boy stuff but hides it out of fear that her friends would find her weird. Though the difference with that and the situation in your journal is that like in the episode, they're kids. Kids always go through situations but they get a chance to learn to be more accepting of others AND to learn to be true to themselves. Whereas with most adults in real life today, act more like stubborn unwilling to learn and accept children, than the characters in a fictional show. And when you think about it, THAT'S really sad.

And that's a very good question the person said about common sense, but I think the other problem is not so much if they have it, but rather more so how stupid they can be to never use it. And sadly, there ARE stupid people out there in MANY forms. I should know, I dealt with people who believe men don't belong in the Wonder Woman universe and they believe any guy who tries to be paired with her should be killed and castrated and just pair her up with another woman, just BECAUSE. I seriously wish I was not making that up got any booze?
Lightman9000 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
The first 2 issues I bought from another comic book shop than I usually buy comics from. Not because I was embarrassed the guys at the counter would recognize me, but because the shop was sold out. But I managed to get the third issue from my regular shop this time, and I felt quite confident for 3 reasons:
1. The cover I bought was quite grim
2. They were starting to sell MLP Blind-Bags
3. I'm now open to the fact that My Little Pony is just another interest of mine. The only reason people are ashamed of it is because of association with the previous generations.
evangelian007 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
When I bought some MLP related swag at first I really felt nervous that someone would notice me weird.
But now when I have the chance I buy it proudly. No one should feel bad if they are into shows(Or random stuff) targeted at girls. If they are happy and it's not harming anyone(even themselves) then do it.
LudHughes Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Professional General Artist
AMEN, Brother Bronie! ;-)
professorbutters Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
True story: I got my first brohoof a couple of weeks ago. I am a middle-aged lady Shakespeare professor, and I also happen to think my Art Nouveau Trixie shirt looks awesome, so I wore it to school on a day I didn't teach. Out of nowhere, some guy comes up and says "BROHOOF!"
"The . . the shirt?"
Then I noticed the Rainbow Dash earphones. So I brohoofed him back.
Anyhoo, yes, I own a whole lot of pieces of paper that prove I am smart and I am an official professor and all that and I read comic books and like the pony. Hey, I understand even cave trolls like ponies! So there's no need to get all ashamed. Ponies are cool. And pretteh!
MauEvig Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
To be honest, I think people are afraid to buy it because they're afraid other people will think they are gay. Sadly this is all due to society's stigmas and pressures and people just can't get over steriotypes. I see nothing wrong with gay people, I just think that could be the case.
I do agree with you however, who cares what people think. I'm a furry and a brony, although it makes it a bit easier for me being a straight woman I think. People just need to stop being so judgemental. We all have something we're a fan of.
K4nK4n Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
It's time for folks to start growing some backbone and do what they want to do. [link]
Reashi Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Truth of the matter is, the people that are worried about their image are usually people who aren't able to deal with anxiety as well as those that can. While I agree wholeheartedly with your POV, some people just unfortunately didn't grow up with all that self-confidence and self-esteem. Which in a way being a part of a fandom is something that allows them to express themselves more positively, and we can only hope they gain that confidence and self-esteem in themselves to not sweat the small stuff :)
animegamemaster6 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
Preachin' to the choir. If I'm not wearing a pony t-shirt, Im either at some really fancy thing or doing yardwork. I even wear them to work under polo shirts!
Boatloads101788 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
Seriously, if you like it who cares? Just go out there and support the show with your money.
foolyguy Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
So true~ Great to hear you speak out about this, not just MLP, but this general assumption that one should be embarrassed of their casual hobbies/leisure's.

LOVED the newest MLP issue, did you do the A cover to issue #3?
Blayaden Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I still get emberassed buying hobby supplies for my Gundam model kits.

I think the problem is the other person. If he/she didn't exist, I wouldn't have a problem! =p
loganberrybunny Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
The hardest bit for me was going into the comic shop for issue 1. Not because I was buying this comic, but because I've never been a comics buyer (except in the old-fashioned British Beano and Dandy sense) and so felt severely out of my element. That's gradually lessening now I'm on my third purchase, but it's still the aspect that makes me feel a little awkward. If pony comics were sold in supermarkets (I wish!), I'd have breezed through from the start.
Parius Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
well said.
FractiousLemon Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
And this kind of stuff is why I love you, dude. Personally, I go to the stores with razor blades in my pockets and whenever I buy pony merchandise, I savagely slash the arms of the cashier. Not for any purpose of defending myself, mind you. I just like seeing the reaction on their faces.

And then the police always come and lock me up. Killjoys.
tornesaurio1984 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
Ashamed? The next April, when the comic hits Spain, we're (the spaniard bronies) plannig to go buy it in masse at the Comic Con in Barcelona!
TheAgarthian Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
MLP comic will hit Europe? Hooray!!!
tornesaurio1984 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013
Eeyup! At least, Spain is getting at the firsts of April (for the Comic Con)
The only "downside" is that rather than monthly releases, like the original, Spain will get Issues 1 to 4 (the Return of Cheeselegs story arch) in a single tome.
TheAgarthian Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013
I hope it will be released in Italy (my country) as well!
Shattywack Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
You. I like you friend. This is exactly what I say all the time. "Do what ever the fuck you want when ever the fuck you want don't let anyone stop you!"~ Twisted Sister. Also from a Trekkie/ Brony to another *Fistbump
SeeNotC Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
I totally agree. Being angsty and ashamed of things you like only leads to more stress, and then suddenly you're not enjoying the things you like, and that's bad.

By the way, I've seen a few people in this thread mention that it's better for a comic-book publisher when people buy comics from a shop, as opposed to pre-ordering online. Is there any truth to this? I figured I'd ask you, since you're actually in the comic book industry.
angieness Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, I don't get it. I worked for Suncoast video for years and I had a number of customers come in and purchase some really crazy hentai DVDs, so I don't question anyone's purchases ever. Unless you're in the Manly Jock McMan Man's Chesthair Manliness Institute of Manly Football, Bear Wrestling and Mustache Grooming and had to take a blood oath to only buy Axe body spray, football team memorabilia, and raw eggs, there's no excuse not to go out and buy what you want. (and let's be honest, if you were part of that institute, you wouldn't care what people thought of you and would probably be buying MLP#3 after a round of beating up alligators with your bare hands)

I'm a girl and I have no beef with going into the comic store, where apparently girls aren't allowed according to the internet. Seriously, I have read many a story where girls were too afraid to step foot into a comic store because the store owners/customers were condescending towards them. (I've been to at least 15 comic stores in my lifetime and have never experienced this, but I don't doubt that this sort of thing can happen) So there is pretty much a similar stigma to girls going into comic stores as there is guys liking ponies. But I'll be damned if social stigmas are gonna keep me from getting my weekly comic fix! Especially since the guys at my local comic store are awesome.
andypriceart Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
HAHAHA!!! After a day of alligator beating and chesthair grooming, I like to curl up on the couch with a cocoa, a snuggie, and my new issue of MLP!
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