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October 18, 2013


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Well, here's the scoop-
Get used to it, because she's here to stay. And not just in the show.

We're introducing the updated version of season three's Twilight Sparkle into the comics as well.

We're asked about 5th person at our tables: "what do you think?" "Why did they do that?" "Are you gonna.." etc.
Since we work hand in hand with Hasbro, we never had any intention of NOT updating Twilight for the books as well.
And quite frankly... we are all about it! 

Neither Katie Cook nor myself understand the hatred going on for having Twilight become a princess. Katie has made an outstanding point- Twilight may be the only popular character to have EARNED her crown... she worked for it, suffered for it, and it was awarded. She didn't marry into it, wasn't born into it (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, etc etc). That gives little girls a character that WORKED FOR WHAT SHE EARNED. One helluva example I think. And for Katie, with a little girl and another on the way... that's a great thing to a parent.

Okay, so you aren't a parent or a little girl... still, WHY GRIPE? You've not even SEEN what's yet to come! It's something new and exciting! What, did Celestia really deposit this pony she had governed for years amongst a group of her equals to do nothing more than run an abandoned library??? 

On another note: a LOT of people have come out on twitter/deviant/facebook to apologize for the actions of some of the fan base that gave myself, Katie, and of all people my wife hell about issue 11. Either they didn't like how we portrayed Shining Armor or Cadance, or they didn't like the 80's setting, or they didn't like the parody of the Oingo Boingo lyrics. That's fine, nobody has to like everything we do.... really, it's okay to not like everything, we aren't offended by that. But sending personal emails and messages of anger cross the line of ANY fandom. 
Beyond that, the truly insulting thing was people messaging to declare that the book was poor because it contradicted popular or personal fan fictions. (yes it happened). 

Here's a note on my standing of fan fiction: I don't care. No, really. I don't. I don't read fan fiction. We do not want (and cannot have) it's influence on our books. 
Fan fiction is GREAT, awesome, outstanding... it's in EVERY fandom! BE CREATIVE! Write everything!!! But don't presume that because a fan theory is popular that it is in stone and overrides everything else. Let's also remember something EXTREMELY important- these are FICTIONAL cartoon marshmallow-peep pastel ponies that talk and bake cakes. Let's all calm down and take a breath. It's great that the fandom is so passionate, but let's draw the line at messaging comic (and show) creators with insults... finger pointing... demands... and threats. Be a grown up... it's a CARTOON. 

To those that sent apologies and praises, thank you very much! The fandom is very much held to us, and we've met some outstanding people (and particularly kids!). We'll continue to get absurd messages and even insults... part of the territory. Ain't stopping us. We're all going to continue to do our best to provide fun/adventure/lessons/silliness for all ages, with a dose of absurdity and (at least on my part) meaningless references and background goodies :) (Smile)  
Now let's all have FUN shall we?
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andy12678 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014
I stood up out of my chair to clap, thumbs up, fist bump, cabbage patch, and salute to this!
rionka Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Andy, i just wanted to say here that i loved the 80's setting of the C+S story. I'm that oldschool nerd who favourited a whole story including all the hair, cassettes and keyboards... YOU RULE :) please go on.
DynamoDazzle Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014
"You've not even SEEN what's yet to come! It's something new and exciting!"

I had my doubts, but you were right! Fantastic work on FiM #17, as always.
Tamar-UK Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014
People gave you crap about issue 11??? But I loved that! I thought it was awesome! I thought it was totally different from the show, and Twilight and Cadence's plotting together was hilariously witty. Nothing but love from me!
trainguy112 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
Well, Twilight can learn a spell that removes her wings until she needs them. That's how i think it.
Arthur9078 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
.......touche. That was amazing about your thoughts on Alicorn Twilight and overall about resistance to change. I salute you, good sir. You pretty much said everything about my similar thoughts on the whole thing :clap: 
ArtisticKamenRider Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I honestly don't get why so many fans are so obnoxious over things that happen in FAN Fiction that it should be in the Cartoons and Comics of My Little Pony. Sure if there are fan theories/idea that are popular and were used(Party of One is a possible one from Cupcakes)it's fine. Whatever the OFFICIAL Writers do for the episodes/issues, that's what the main story line will be.

Fan Fiction is fantastic, but it isn't made to be part of the main/canon story line, it's the idea of how things would play out from that person's view.
Ongaru Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013
I thought updating TS to an alicorn was inevitable, but haven't been keeping up with the comic news because I like to be surprised by each new issue. :)  I like how so far, she's not letting it get too much to her head.  Sure, she's a leader with a royal title, but she still doesn't view herself as being better than her friends, and she doesn't throw her title around.

Best of all, her Season 4 character development and her personality in the latest comic issues mesh perfectly--which isn't always that easy to do on a tight writing schedule.

I didn't say this at the DragonCon MLP event (which was awesome, btw) but I admire your talent!  You take Faust's pony designs

The G1 homages are great, too.  I grew up with G1 ponies, so it's fun to see them as part of Equestria's story.
Emeowrald Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013

Hopefully this journal will also explain to you why there are many of us out there who do not support the new Princess thing.…
And remember like you said not everyone has to like everything you do and we don't have to like every aspect of the franchise either. 
shyq Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013
I was a bit worried at first, but now I'm perfectly fine with Princess Twilight. The new Season 4 episodes were great and from what I've read from various forums on different websites, most people are just fine with it as well.

There are no words to describe how much I like the comics by the way. And just so you know, issue 11 was funny, cute and interesting and I'm SO GLAD you guys took the risk and expanded the characters and backstory of Shining Armor and Cadance. Those who compared it to their preferred fanfiction just need to learn how to separate headcanon and canon and be able enjoy both.

PS: Keep taking risks, expanding the characters and adding details to the plot that arent in the show and ESPECIALLY keep contradicting the fanfiction! Fanfiction is supposed to be inspired by the canon, not the other way around and you are perfectly right about everything you wrote above.
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